From Bruce Overton, Portsmouth:

It SHOULD be encouraging news to hear that HMP IW is meeting most of its targets (CP, 17-08-18).

What is not such good reading, however, is the fact violent attacks perpetrated on prison staff and inmates are still on the increase, year in, year out.

Even Frances Crook, of the publicly funded Howard League For Penal Reform is concerned about the high rate of assaults in prison. But have no fear because Ms Crook has the answer to the problem. According to an article in The Times (13-08-18), it is very simple.

Inmates who break prison rules should not have extra time added on to their sentence, by any loss of remission.

So when a member of staff or inmate is attacked, the perpetrator should just get a slap on the wrist, and then go home half-way thorough the sentence. Is this woman serious?

Above the gate lodge of the now closed-down Shrewsbury Prison is a bust of John Howard, the 18th century prison reformer from whom the Howard League get their name.

Glance up at the bust and you might even see ‘him’ shaking his head in disbelief.

Carry on with you endeavour to improve the lives of inmates Ms Crook.