From Julian Critchley, Ryde:

I’m STARTING to think Bob Seely considers Islanders to be mugs. This isn’t the first time he’s said something which will sound good, but which he knows has no chance of being implemented under a Tory government.

When Islanders were concerned about St Mary’s, Bob popped up to make soothing noises. Then his government cut St Mary’s anyway.

When people were concerned about cuts to local services, Bob started talking about a new deal for the Island. Then his government carried on and cut the Island’s budget again.

Now Islanders are rightly expressing their outrage at being exploited like cash cows by the ferry companies, and here’s Bob again publicising his questions to his own government.

Would anyone like to make a bet on whether this Conservative government will take action in the public interest against highly profitable and well-connected private companies?

I don’t think Islanders are going to fall for stunts like this. We’re not fools. Ultimately, the cause of these problems is a Conservative Party wedded to cutting public services while protecting the wealth of rich companies and individuals.

Bob can never be part of a solution to our problems because he’s part of the party which is the cause of them.