From Mike Waddleton, Wootton:

Further to your article (CP, 24-08-18) on the unfortunate accident at Wootton Bridge that resulted in the death of a well-respected elderly lady.

I feel you should be aware this crossing point and its lack of authorised crossing has been the subject of much discussion and requests for action over the past two years and particularly over the past six months.

The request; for a simple zebra crossing here with, at the most, the support of shrouded Belisha beacons and a painted crossing on the road surface, has been the subject of much obstruction and unsupported argument from the authorities.

It has been projected this crossing; at the west side of Wootton Bridge opposite The Sloop Inn and between the entrances to Mill Square and between the bus stops, is much needed as it is the crossing point:

1 Between the two bus stops

2 For pedestrian access between Wootton and Fishbourne and vice versa

3 For the coastal path

4 The national cycle path

5 For pedestrian access to Lakeside

This need has been largely ignored and no action taken although the requirement had a registration on the Network Infrastructure Register 198/2015.

This was originally raised by the manager of Lakeside and held by highways, it remains open and dormant despite the matter being raised with the head of the highways project (the Island Roads contract), Bill Smith and with Island Roads by myself and our local IW Council member, Cllr Barry Abrahams, and the parish council on several occasions.

Must we wait for another serious accident here in addition to the regular close calls, before anything is done?