THE Isle of Wight's MP, Bob Seely, has spoken out against British intervention in Syria this week.

Mr Seely has suggested the moment for action has passed and that Western involvement has been slow and disconnected so far.

The debate over intervention in Syria has reared its head following Saturday’s chemical weapons attack in Syria, allegedly carried out by Syrian leader, President Bashar Al Assad.

Syria is a contentious battleground involving Russia and the West that has a huge impact on the Middle East.

The timing is extremely potent as strains on Anglo-Russo relations have been amplified following the poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter on British soil.

Mr Seely, who is part of the all-party foreign affairs select committee, said: “Bombing the regime may make moral sense but it doesn’t make strategic sense because the war has already been won by Assad with his Iranian and Russian backers.

“Russia has been in a cold war with the West for decades and we need to deal with that without making the problem much more unstable and dangerous.”

Although Prime Minister Theresa May could issue sanctions on Syria without parliamentary consent, Tony Blair’s decision to hold a vote over the Iraq War in 2003 set a precedent she cannot ignore.

Mr Seely said: “I think our adversaries would make hay if the Government refused a debate in Parliament, or a meaningful vote.

"Having got the last one badly wrong, I suspect Parliament will vote for military action."

Mr Seely said he will vote against party lines if the Conservative Party decide to back military action.