ISLE of Wight band Confed. Fred are embarking on a tour of the UK and Ireland next month — but you can catch them in Newport before they pack their bags and jump on the ferry.

Ahead of their Holy Matrimony tour with Canadian duo Jo-Jo O' & The WOODS, both bands will play Strings Bar and Venue next Friday, April 20.

The gig, and the tour, will see the two bands play together on stage — the dark and moody rock and roll of Jo-Jo O' & The WOODS marrying with the bluesy psychedelia of Confed. Fred.

Confed. Fred have played the Isle of Wight and Glastonbury Festivals, winning praise from Iron Maiden's Adrian Smith and The Stereophonics' Jamie Morrison, and released three EPs.

Jo-Jo O' & The WOODS said: "We are really loving being here, the Island has such a great music scene and we are very impressed with the live musicianship we've seen so far. We are so looking forward to hitting the road with the boys from Confed. Fred — we are combining our sets and 'marrying' our sound to bring out the best in each other’s music."

The Strings gig will feature Sun Morrow in support.

Doors open at 7.30pm.