MP Bob Seely has asked the Isle of Wight Council to honour its election pledge and manage roadside grass verges more sensitively.

In a letter to council leader Dave Stewart, Mr Seely said around 90% of wildflower meadows had been lost since the Second World War and it is vital the Island's council does all it can to encourage wildlife that has lost this habitat.

Mr Seely said: "Other authorities, such as Devon County Council, are already undertaking sensitive grass verge cutting with positive results."

Isle of Wight council leader Dave Stewart said: "Bob is rightly very energised about the environment and we are as keen as anyone to preserve this unique feature.

"However, it is even more important to maintain road safety so although we think alike with the MP, we as a council have to manage it."

Cllr Stewart said the council was already looking at ways to preserve wildflowers along the roadside.

"We are in discussions with our contractor, Island Roads, about how our strategy could change.

"We have an environmental conference coming up at the end of June and I'm sure matters like this will be discussed."

Mr Seely said he was aware the council share his aspirations, but action is needed to help the Island flourish.