DETERMINED to help her friend travel to the USA, to take part in a medical trial that could save her life, 12-year-old Kaylee Cater has launched her own fundraising appeal.

Kaylee, of Lea Road, Sandown, will be chopping her long hair to raise money for seven-year-old Ebonie-Rose Musslewhite, who has a rare form of leukaemia.

During the past three years she has braved gruelling chemotherapy sessions and a bone marrow transplant, following a donation from her little brother, Ronnie.

Following countless hospital admissions and relapses, Ebonie will almost certainly die unless a curative treatment can be found.

Mum Christine Jenkins said her best chance was the trial, which has a 90 per cent success rate. However, it will cost around £400,000.

"Ebonie is an amazing little girl. She is always happy, bubbly and funny, even after everything she has been through," said Christine, 38, of Crawley, West Sussex.

"Her prognosis is not good. We want to give her the best possible chance of any curative therapy, because without it she will die.

"The trial in America is that best chance."

Christine's closest friend is Kaylee's mum, Lisa Stanford, who has moved from Crawley to the Island with her children.

A teaching assistant who helps children with special educational needs at Greenmount Primary School, Ryde, Lisa, 43, said: "Kaylee had always planned to donate her hair in memory of her nan, Lynn Stanford, who died of lung cancer five years ago, to make a wig for a child with cancer. She has been growing it since her nan died. But she wants to help Ebonie too.

"She is very kind, always thinking of other people. She wants to help Ebonie go to America.

"The NHS is very stretched and doesn't have the money to research new treatments."

Kaylee hopes to raise £750 towards the cost of the trial.

Christine said: "I think Kaylee is just amazing. The support we have had from our friends and everyone we know has meant so much."

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