A TEMPORARY license for a Newport takeaway to stay open until 5am four nights this month was turned down by the Isle of Wight Council.

Abdul Miah, of the Noodle Pot on St James’ Street, applied for a licence to remain open until 5am on August 11, 12, 18 and 19.

People would not have been able to enter the shop, but buy food from a hatch at the front of the premises.

However, the council turned down his request, citing police concerns that staying open to attract trade from people who had been out drinking was likely to cause crime and disorder.

The police said the premises did not benefit from the space, lighting or council CCTV other premises had.

They also said the proximity of the takeaway to ‘one of the hottest spots for crime and disorder’ — Newport Bus Station — would cause more trouble in the town.

PC Paul Bradley, licensing officer for the Island, said since June there had been five assaults and one case of anti-social behaviour at the bus stop.

He said police were trying to prevent more people entering the town after leaving local nightclubs.

Speaking before the decision was made, Mr Miah said: “I do not know why I should be refused. If people are drunk I am trying to give them something to sober them up.

“I am not inviting more people into the town — they are already there.

“I applied for these temporary event notices to see if there are any problems. I do not know why I would be causing more trouble.

“Give me an opportunity to do this.”

Because the council was not able to attach conditions to a temporary event notice, they turned down Mr Miah’s application.

However, Mr Miah said the Noodle Pot would apply for a permanent licence to stay open late.

Councillors said they would be able to attach conditions to this, which could make them more open to the application.