THE Isle of Wight floating bridge has run aground in East Cowes, leaving cars and passengers stranded both sides of the Medina.

The Isle of Wight Council have said they will shortly be releasing a statement on the issue.

UPDATED 2.30pm

Gemma Hanson was on the bridge, heading to Cowes, when it ran aground.

She said: "There was a huge queue to get on and the car part was full too. It just wouldn’t move off when they tried a few times.

"All pedestrians were asked to get off and go around to where the Jenny boat launches. There was the water taxi there and I was able to get on and pay the £2."

However, she said there was a long queue of people behind her, and she was told the water taxi were trying to get back up. She said she could not see the Jenny boat, which is normally used to operate a passenger only launch.

The floating bridge has been running extra hours to accomodate visitors to Lendy Cowes Week.

UPDATED 2.40pm

The Isle of Wight Council said: "The Floating Bridge is out of service temporarily.

"The Folly Ventures are currently shuttling passengers across the river and the Jenny Lee is in operation from 2.30pm."

UPDATED 4.22pm

The council has said the bridge is now back in service.

Photos and video: Karl Love

Isle of Wight County Press:

Isle of Wight County Press: Photo: Karl Love.