THE final recommendations for new parliamentary constituencies on the Isle of Wight have been released today.

The Island will be separated into two constituencies.

The review is different to the local government boundary review which will change the 40 ward boundaries on the Island.

East Cowes and Wootton have now been moved into Isle of Wight East — previously they had been placed in Isle of Wight West.

The final report is now being presented to parliament.

The Government must now make arrangements for the Commission’s recommendations to be voted on by both Houses of Parliament. It is for the Government to decide when to do so.

Secretary to the Commission, Sam Hartley, said: "The recommendations we’ve published today mark the end of a thorough and consultative process to build the new map of constituencies.

"We’ve travelled the country, taken account of over 35,000 public comments, and heard many impassioned views about how best to reflect local communities in our recommendations, while ensuring that constituencies are all much more equally represented. We’re confident that the map we propose today is the best match of the legal rules Parliament has set us.

"It’s now up to Parliament to decide whether these boundaries will be used at the next general election."