A MEMORIAL garden to Keziah Flux-Edmonds will open at the start of next month.

The garden, which opens on October 1 at 11am, will feature play equipment, plants and trees, and a bench, handcrafted by Eccleston George. An arch with the handprints of the year four children in Keziah's class, created by the Forge, will also sit in the garden.

The six-year-old was murdered by her father at her East Cowes home in June 2016.

Keziah's mum, Nikki, said: "There's a huge sense of relief as it has taken quite sometime happening and I want those who helped raise the money know it was worth it. I'm excited because it's in my daughter's name and I love her being remembered.

"I'm nervous because I want to represent her well. Most of all I'm grateful and look forward to knowing children who are our most precious resource will be having fun."

Over £13,000 has been raised for the garden, which sits on Beatrice Avenue, opposite Queensgate school, with a series of fundraising events over the past two years. A special tree has been donated by Dixceys as well as an etching of Keziah's favourite dog toy.

Nikki said: "We also have a little girl coming especially to sing Roar, by Katy Perry, for the opening.

"Randini will also assist with the opening as he was Keziah's favourite entertainer.

"I'm so so grateful for the Islands love and support. In my darkest moment they have shone a light for me. Who could ask for more?"