THE LATEST craze to sweep the Isle of Wight is painted pebbles, which can be found hidden on beaches and other locations.

One group, Isle of Pebbles, kindly created an Isle of Wight County Press pebble which has been given pride of place in our Newport office.

Corinne Bricknell, who runs the group with Kerry Ring, said: "My children are obsessed with their tablets and the internet so this is a nice way to get them outside and get them being creative.

"It is a bit of fun to make some nice pebbles and leave them for others to find. People can either re-hide them, or keep them.

"We have a Facebook page, Isle of Pebbles, and we run competitions on there for people to win pebbles too."

Corinne thanked Jewson on Medina Avenue, Newport, for donating five sacks of pebbles to the group, so they can keep up with demand.