PLANS to dramatically reshape the Newport traffic system were approved by the Isle of Wight cabinet tonight (Thursday).

Cabinet members met to discuss the proposals which would redesign the road network between Asda and Camp Hill.

This government-funded scheme was revised following a public consultation earlier this year.

The new plans were approved with a unanimous vote.

Cabinet member for transport and infrastructure, Ian Ward, said: "It should be a huge help and it's not every day the government gives you a huge sum of money to do such things."

Concerns were raised by scrutiny councillors on Tuesday that a second consultation should take place, as the plans differ 'dramatically' from those originally proposed.

Councillors also asked for Section  106 money from the developers to be allocated to provide better cycling and pedestrian routes into Newport.

Cabinet leader, Dave Stewart, said money left from the Asda development and the Pan estate would give flexibility to ensure cycle routes were taken into account.

Cllr Ward said: "I can confirm the needs of cyclists have been taken into account with the development of this scheme."

Speaking in support of the scheme, Cllr Clare Mosdell said: "We have scrutinised this. We have had detailed presentations about the issue."