COULD this old Isle of Wight pub have its own ghost?

Some seriously spooky goings on were captured on film at The Star Inn, Wroxall, recently bought by Terry and Toni Brennan.

In this CCTV footage, taken on Wednesday evening, a glass appears to fall from a shelf completely of its own accord.

After they heard the glass smash, Terry, 31, and Toni, 27, of Queens Road, Freshwater, checked the footage to see what had happened — and have been puzzling over it ever since.

"I don't believe in ghosts. I'm a sceptic," said Toni.

"But I can't think of a rational explanation. No-one was around, the glasses weren't wet or anything.

"We even kicked the shelf a couple of times but nothing fell off."

The regulars, however, have told the couple the pub has been haunted for years.

Bar staff have heard their names being called and, once, a whisky bottle fell off a shelf without being touched.

"They say we should get a paranormal investigator in," joked Toni.

So what do you think — ghost or no ghost?