ISLE of Wight Councillors look set to approve an increase to their allowances of two per cent.

The Independent Remuneration Panel (IRP) has undertaken a review of member’s allowances and has recommended the basic allowance for councillors be increased to £7,854.

It says this increase is ‘appropriate, justifiable and equitable’.

Council leader Dave Stewart will also receive an additional two per cent increase to his special responsibility allowance.

Cllr Stewart will now be paid a total of £29,845.20 — made up of the basic allowance, leader allowance, leader of a group of ten or more, and police and crime panel chair.

However, the £4,712.40 he receives for being chair of the Hampshire police and crime panel does not come from the council’s budget.

Other changes to special responsibility allowances include an increase to the adult social chair and health policy and scrutiny committee chair, an increase to pension fund chair, a decrease in the chair of licensing.

A new allowance for the leader of a group of five or more has also been introduced, at £785.40.

All other allowances, such as those for co-opted members and child allowance, will remain unchanged.

A spokesperson for the Isle of Wight Council said it would not be appropriate for the council to comment on the independent report, ahead of tomorrow’s meeting.