A LARGE yacht has become stranded off the Isle of Wight this afternoon (Tuesday).

The Cowes RNLI Lifeboat has been called to assist the yacht, which found itself in difficulty due to high winds.

The lifeboat was called to the scene, at the Bramble Bank, near the entrance to Southampton Water, earlier this afternoon.

UPDATED 15:30: The vessel, a 40ft yacht named Olympias Tigress, is still stranded after running aground on Bramble Bank.

The Yarmouth RNLI Lifeboat has been called to the scene to provide a stronger tow.

There are two passengers onboard.

UPDATED 17:47: A Cowes RNLI spokesperson said: "The Cowes lifeboat launched at 1.50pm to assist a 40ft yacht firmly aground on the south west tip of the Bramble Bank in strong winds and a flooding tide.

"After a tow line was attached the lifeboat could do no more than hold the yacht in position due to high wind, strong tide and wave action.

"The helm called for the assistance from nearby Yarmouth’s allweather lifeboat.

"Eventually the rising tide allowed Cowes to pull her free and transfer the yacht to Yarmouth, who took her to Cowes.

"Ventnor Coastguard Rescue Team met the yacht on arrival.

"Today’s service lasted just under three hours."