From Nicky and Pete Muspratt, Seaview:

There is a horrible virus, mainly in the Seaview area, attacking dogs of all sizes.

We have just lost our beloved little West Highland Terrier, who was fit and healthy and only eight years old.

She fell ill on a Monday and sadly died on the Saturday. The vets did everything possible to save her but to no avail. There have been numerous cases of dogs being infected, some of which have been fatal.

We all believe the virus came from visitors to the area, who bring their dogs on holiday and make no attempt to clear up after their dogs have fouled the pavements.

We also feel (and the vets agree with us) that visitors and their dogs should not be allowed on the Island without a certificate to show their vaccinations are up to date.

This is enforced when going to Europe and should be the same when visiting the Island.

We need people to write to the MP and Isle of Wight Council to make their feelings known and hopefully enforce a law so all animals are vaccinated before visiting the Island as we would hate this to happen again.