SAT NAVS send cars into it, 4x4s wash their wheels in it, and vehicles keep getting stuck in it.

The many problems surrounding Froglands Ford in Carisbrooke have been raised by local residents, who would like to preserve the area as a local beauty spot rather than a rat run.

Graham Montrose has lived near the ford for 55 years, and has seen the problem escalate in recent years.

He said: "During the first week of September , seven cars got trapped in the water in just one week, and there was at least one car a week all through the summer.

"It's been going on for years, particularly now sat navs send people that way when they are trying to reach Carisbrooke Castle.

"The wash from the ford comes down into my garden and I find bits of plastic from cars, number plates, and all sorts of detritus.

"The 4x4s come through at great speed as they think it is fun, and they wash their wheels in it after coming off-road, using it like a splash bath, which makes a huge mess.

"We would like to preserve the ford as a beauty spot and have better signage to warn people about it. We would like the road to be one-way as it is a real rat-run.

"The route is used by equestrians, mums with prams and young children, and it is an accident waiting to happen.

"There is also an issue with one of the banks. It needs shoring up before it collapses completely."

Cllr John Hobart, ward member for Carisbrooke and Gunville, and cabinet member for environment and heritage, believes making the lanes one-way would encourage even faster traffic speeds.

He is pressing for quiet lane status, which should encourager slower speeds and give priority to vulnerable road users.

A spokesperson for Island Roads said: "We are aware of some local concerns about Froglands Ford and we have this week carried out a further detailed survey of the site.

"It appears that current issues may be linked to recent deterioration of the ford’s base and we are investigating a solution to address this.

"We are also happy to take a further look at the signage to ensure motorists drive appropriately at this historic feature."