From D. Armstrong, Ryde:

To whoever will listen,

Reference the terrible traffic situation early mornings and 4-6pm. Surely in this day and age it is not impossible to find the funds to build a bridge across the Medina.

A roundabout at Binfield Corner with a proper road leading down to the river alongside the “Old Ryde Queen,” thence a bridge across to the area at the bottom of the show ground on the Cowes Road, then a road to join the main Newport Road to Cowes Road with a roundabout junction, making it a toll bridge would help offset the cost. I am sure the commuters would be only to happy to pay to speed up their journey (daily). An alternative could be a roundabout on the East Cowes road, just before Whippingham, thence a road to the river to such a bridge - access on the west bank could remain exactly the same. I am printing all this as my writing is terrible. People talk of a link bridge or tunnel to the mainland - that would be a terrible disaster. We already have more than enough vehicles on our narrow roads and lanes. The whole Island could come to a complete stop - not just at commuter times. Yours sincerely Mr. A Thearle, Newport.