THE row in Bembridge over what to do about its village hall and toilets in the High Street is due to erupt again this evening (Friday).

Councillors from the 'Open Bembridge' group are trying to overturn a previous controversial plan to relocate the toilets to the village hall and to turn the loos in the High Street into offices.

A host of other plans are also under discussion at the extraordinary meeting of the council's finance and assets committee, which has been called by members of the group.

The bitter in-fighting at Bembridge Parish Council resulted in the resignation of its chairman, Cllr Marianne Sullivan, earlier this month.

Parish council meetings have been increasingly overshadowed by heated arguments between two factions and even walk-outs which have seen the council branded a laughing stock.

On Tuesday, the council held a consultation at the village hall where options were outlined for the village hall and the High Street toilets and buildings.

Options ranged from retaining the status quo to selling-off 5/7 High Street which would release more than £197,000 to parish council coffers.

Joan Jordan, 72, of Walls Road, Bembridge, said: "I have looked at all the options and I just don't know. The conflict has been horrible. There's is no real need for it. We have had ten-months of a dysfunctional council."

John Sparrow, 71, of Woodland Grove, Bembridge, said: "I am very disturbed by the fact the parish council can't get on with its work due to in-fighting but it looks as though the plans make sense."