Islanders can rekindle their childhood memories of the Waxworks in Brading at the launch of a new micro museum.

It’s been eight years since the doors to the popular museum closed, but part of the quaint building is to re-open as a free throwback micro museum, which will feature never-seen-before photos and drawings.

Visitors can enjoy the fascinating history of the Waxworks era while taking in the beautiful surroundings of the historic Rectory Mansion.

As well as seeing the original Valentine Gray waxwork in the chimney and the memorable 'skivvy' scene, visitors can explore memorabilia and signs that will jog the memory, and take in the sounds that played throughout the building in its heyday.

The history of the Rectory Mansion building, which dates back to 1228 and was once owned by Henry VIII, is also documented.

One time a creaky hostelry, one time freaky mortuary, the High Street location in the heart of Brading is now a collection of local businesses.

The opening of the museum coincides with the re-opening of Rectory Mansion as a whole, including The Auctioneer wine bar and kitchen, Sarah Matthews Flowers, Giraffe & Custard and The Beauty Loft.

A spokesperson for Rectory Mansion said: "It’s fantastic to be able to re-open part of the original Waxworks building as a micro museum, allowing the opportunity for Islanders and visitors alike to step back in time and re-live part of that fascination and excitement previously experienced in years gone by.

"Thanks to the support of many private collectors, such as Philip Hutchinson, we have been able to compile a great collection of all things waxworks including extremely rare drawings of the now-famous tableau and photos of the Louis de Rochefort bones discovery."

The museum will open at 10am on Saturday (10). It is free to enter and will be open seven days a week, until 5pm each day.