PLANS to increase council tax by nearly six per cent have been slammed by Labour.

The finalised budget proposals will see the average Band C taxpayer pay £78 more a year from April 2018.

As reported, three per cent of the council tax rise — equivalent to 75p a week — will go towards funding adult social care and the rest will be used to fund other services, including a pay rise for council staff.

Labour vice-chair, Deb Gardiner, said: "The Government has taken a decision to refuse to properly fund vital local services and instead impose a cowardly stealth tax on Island residents through an almost six per cent council tax increase.

"The council plans to force people to pay more council tax and get less services in return - in what world is that fair or acceptable?"

Labour welcomed £500,000 additional funding for adult social care but said there was still a huge funding shortfall in the service.

Speaking about the budget last week, council leader Cllr Dave Stewart, said: "Tough decisions have had to be made in this budget but it is a balanced budget, it's a lawful budget and one that will protect and improve services while allowing us to invest in our Island's future."