LITTLE Love Lane Nursery Pre-School in Cowes has been rated as 'inadequate' overall and in all key areas of its provision according to a damming Ofsted report.
Inspectors visited in July and found the nursery's leadership, quality of teaching and the behaviour of youngsters was inadequate and its safeguarding of pupils was ineffective.
The pre-school had some strengths including staff providing parents with information about children's learning and staff working with babies formed 'caring relationships.'
But, the management team did not meet legal requirements in relation to staff deployment and there had been a decline in health and safety, leading to an emergency meeting due to a parental complaint, according to the report.
Other concerns included teaching not meeting children's individual needs adequately with staff not challenging children enough, leading them to 'wander around, unmotivated.'
Staff also lack the knowledge and enthusiasm to meet welfare requirements, affecting children's day to day care. Play areas were 'cluttered' and staff did not motivate children to become engrossed in good quality play and learning.
A stair gate obstructed a fire exit, when inspectors conducted their survey on July 24.
Children did not make the progress they were capable of because of 'weak teaching' according to the report.
The report follows a previous inspection at the pre-school in May, 2015, which rated it as 'good'.
Inspectors made a number of recommendations, ensuring the premises are fit for purpose and to develop children's understanding of rules and boundaries.
The pre-school should also develop a culture of reflection and thorough evaluation across the team to improve standards.