BARNY the barn owl, who was rescued after flying off course during high winds, is back in the wild.
The County Press reported last week how Maggie McNeil-Smith, of Solent Gardens, Freshwater, found Barny on her window ledge looking cold and miserable.
Staff from the Island’s Monkey Haven came along to take him into care in its owl sanctuary for a few days for him to recover.
Maggie said: “I was given the opportunity of releasing Barny back into the wild close to where he was found because owls have to go back to their home.
“Terri Lock, from Monkey Haven, came over with him in her car and told me he had been eating well and had a practice flight around the staff room.
“She said Barny was still quite young, about three months. I took Barny in his carrier to nearby Golden Hill, which Terri said was perfect as it had plenty of trees and broad grass expanses, where rabbits would later come out to feed.
“Placing him gently down on the ground, I stood back expecting him to take off away from me but he was much happier to fly through my legs and off on silent wings into the trees behind us.”