PLANS for an Isle of Wight currency were revealed today (Wednesday) by Independent parliamentary candidate Julie Jones-Evans who said she had put the Island at the heart of her "evolving manifesto."
Policies also include a change in school term times and reform to Island education with a focus on mental wellbeing, special needs, and rebalancing of vocational and academic studies.
Cllr Jones-Evans sought input from Islanders in the development of her policies saying: "I have a strong base of my own views on what needs to happen, but I nor any political party has the ownership of good ideas."
The manifesto includes plans for an Isle of Wight currency, which would run alongside the normal currency.
The idea is based on other local currencies such as the Bristol Pound and the Brixton Pound and is aimed at preventing wealth from leaving the Island, claiming that only £3 in every £10 stays local when spent in national chains.
She said: "Whoever is leading the government on June 9, the Isle of Wight will not be their top priority, however as the Island's MP it will be my single point of focus.
"Many people feel it is time we had someone representing them that will be solely focused on representing the Island because successive governments have failed to understand the unique challenges we face.
"We know we have the ability to progress with a hand up, not just handouts.
"I believe we should be looking for an Island deal, an opportunity for real localism, to enable effective local governance and a chance to steer ourselves to a place of wellbeing and prosperity."
Other promises in Cllr Jones-Evans' manifesto include:
Small business micro funding and improved support and cut VAT for tourism.
Back the feasibility study to determine facts regarding any fixed link.
Road safety 20mph in residential areas, plus town and village centres.
Increase mental health provision for early intervention, especially for anxiety.
More care for carers, so they can continue to support their loved ones.
Raise aspirations for young people to choose a career in health
Build affordable rental properties in sustainable brownfield sites.
Greater focus on green energy while protecting the Island's AONB status.
Cllr Jones-Evans full manifesto can be found below: