THE Isle of Wight's 'progressive parties' have been urged to join forces behind a single candidate to unseat Andrew Turner.
Following the news a General Election will be held on June 8, Island Independent leader Cllr Julia Baker Smith said the Greens, Labour and the Lib Dems should hold a primary among their members to select an opposition candidate.
She said most Island people did not vote for Andrew Turner, but he had been returned as MP regardless due to the first past the post electoral system.
“Nearly 60 per cent of people did not vote Conservative, and there needs to be some way of giving those people a choice that actually counts,” said Cllr Baker-Smith.
“It is unacceptable that we have an MP that the majority of people didn’t want, and didn’t vote for.
“Andrew Turner’s voting record is abysmal. He has consistently voted to cut the local government support grant to the Island, this year voting to cut our funding by 44 per cent.
“He has consistently voted against laws to promote equality and human rights, and helping our most vulnerable, and people are suffering as a result.”
If an Island Independent put themselves forward as a candidate, Cllr Baker-Smith said she hoped they would be included in the primary.
The Green Party candidate Vix Lowthion has already called on Labour, the Lib Dems and the Island Independents to join forces and 'embrace a new way forward for politics on the Island.'
Pointing out she was currently the only declared parliamentary candidate, she said: “Now is the time to put party politics to one side, and unite behind our Island’s best way forward to put an end to 16 years of having a Conservative MP.
“I am likely to be the only candidate who fought the 2015 election who will stand again. Two years ago we came from 900 Green votes in 2010 to over 9,000 in 2015 — a proven track record in getting out a progressive vote.
“As a parent, teacher and campaigner I have grown massively in all aspects of experience in the last two years.
“I really feel Theresa May’s decision to go to the polls is a golden opportunity for Island people and politics to be put first on this occasion. It’s the only way to get a strong, local, forward thinking voice for Islanders.”
Isle of Wight Labour secretary Ed Gouge said the party's national executive committee was meeting tomorrow to decide the candidate selection process.