A KIND-HEARTED woman is setting up a new charity to help couples on the Isle of Wight and further afield have a family through IVF.
Louise Barton, 24, a mum-of-one from Ryde, was inspired to establish Miracle Families after helping her school friends raise funds for their fertility treatment.
The couple were turned away from a fertility clinic due to the man having a child from a previous relationship.
Louise plans to donate her eggs to the Wessex Fertility Clinic and give the £750 fee to her friend’s cause, which is ongoing.
She has also decided to hold a film festival at the Lions Club, Lake, on Sunday, April 2, from 2.30pm, to help raise the £5,000 needed to register Miracle Families as a charity, but needs a projector in order to make the day a success.
Louise said: "I am going to push this through because I believe there is a gap for it and I am really, really passionate about it.
"I have had a lot of women ask me if I can help them.
"Most guidelines state that most women are entitled to a free session of IVF, however the NHS rules are changing and more and more people are being denied this.
"Miracle Families intends to help women raise the funds for their first treatment and be there to support the families."
To make a donation and to find out more about the events, visit www.facebook.com/IVFFundraise.

Reporter: joannah@iwcpmail.co.uk