NEWPORT parish will continue to have one of the lowest precepts on the Isle of Wight after councillors agreed not to raise it for 2017/18.
It currently sits at 38.4p per week per Band D household.
The council's £296,000 budget will maintain annual support for Christmas lighting in the town and provide firework events at Victoria Recreation Ground next November.
It will also cover devolved from the Isle of Wight Council, including allotments, grounds maintenance in smaller parks, maintenance of the Victoria Rec Pavilion, public toilets, and some school crossing patrols.
New annual grants will go to Newport Football Club, the Homeless Bus project, Newport Foodbank, and a scheme run by the Footprint Trust to assist people with heating bills.
Cllr Geoff Lumley, finance lead for Newport Parish Council, said: "Once again Newport shows that it can step in to to cover services the Isle of Wight Council can no longer provide and support events, projects and organisations in the parish without having a high precept."
The town council precept forms one part of council tax bills, with the main element made up of the Isle of Wight Council precept, plus a police precept.