WORK is underway on the second phase of a major project to improve the highway drainage in Bembridge.

Island Roads is working to improve the drainage at Lane End by significantly increasing the capacity of the drainage pipes that take rainwater away from the highway.

Not only does surface water present a safety hazard, it also contributes to the deterioration of the road surface.

The work follows the initial phase of work that began last year to improve the drainage at Steyne Road. The road closure necessary to undertake this work has now been lifted while the finishing touches are being carried out in the footway. The work on this phase is scheduled to be completed by January 18.

At Lane End around 600 metres of larger capacity pipe will be laid beneath the road surface in the coming weeks. Road closures will again be necessary but the work is being done in eight phases in order to maintain as much access as possible to residents and businesses.

Pedestrian access will be maintained for residents and businesses at all times and it is anticipated the project will be completed by the end of March. Steyne Road is then due to be resurfaced the week before Easter and Lane End the week after.

Emma Goldring, clerk to Bembridge Parish Council, said: "We welcome both the progress being made on this important scheme and also the good work by Island Roads in keeping the community informed."