Big rise in single bus fare

By Martin Neville

Monday, February 2, 2009


SOME bus passengers faced a 25 per cent fares rise today (Monday).

The £2 single ticket increased to £2.50 as part of Southern Vectis’s annual fare rise, as did the park-and-ride fare between Somerton and Cowes.

However, all other single fares are unchanged and the company’s one, two, seven, 30 and 90-day Rover tickets remain as they were.

The company said the price rises affected fewer than seven per cent of its customers and covered general annual increases in running costs.

Marc Morgan Huws, Southern Vectis operations manager, said: “We never put fares up for fuel rises. Fuel represents only ten per cent of our costs and we pay a hedged price anyway, so it’s not going down for us.”

Don Vincent, secretary of the Isle of Wight Bus Users’ Group, told the County Press: “We feel it is a steep rise for passengers who are only using the bus for short journeys once or twice a week. However, overall, if you put those people to one side, we think it’s the best outcome there could be.”


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