EVERYONE can sing — but some just don’t quite cut the mustard to join conventional vocal ensembles or choirs.
But the ‘tone deaf’ among us or those who sound like the proverbial ‘strangled cat’ are being encouraged to join the Off Key Community Choir — a new singing group which welcomes the vocally inept with open arms.
The choir is the brainchild of East Wight community navigator, Judith Stratton. Its first session attracted more than 30 singers. The group itself has also had more than 2,500 views on Facebook. 
She said: “I started the new choir in Shanklin for people who think they can’t sing — in fact, the worse they sound, the better! 
“It’s all about enjoying making a noise and having fun.”
Judith said the Off Key Community Choir was designed to be a friendly, welcoming and sociable singing group aimed at people aged 18 and over.
“If you enjoy singing your heart out in the shower, but lack confidence in your voice, would you like a place to go to sing with others who feel the same way,”said Judith. “Well, this is the new singing group for you!
“As a group, our song choices will be varied and interesting, from pop songs, to show tunes and more. 
“If you are looking for a pick-me-up, or something to shake off those wintry blues, come and get involved and start singing your stresses away.”
Contact singing teacher Sue Raybould on 07917-764190, or Judith on 07736-151632, for more information. The choir meets at Shanklin Methodist Church on Tuesdays, 6.30pm to 8pm.
It only costs £1 and there is free parking after 6pm.