Are independents just a new political party?

Published on Friday, January 25, 2013 - 11:04


LETTERS From Philip J. Warren, Ryde:

I WAS rather confused when reading your report (CP, 18-1-13) about the "independent" campaign for the forthcoming IW Council elections.

How can such an independent campaign be launched in a collective manner? Surely by coming together in a shared campaign, these candidates will cease to be truly independent individuals.

What would happen if there were to be more than one independent candidate offering themselves in the same area — would one become anointed as the preferred candidate by the self– styled independent campaign? And does that make the other candidate/s more independent by their not being endorsed as part of this elevated independent status?

Ian Stephens states they have no party political axe to grind but this makes no apparent sense, given their stated ambition of only wishing to target and remove Conservatives.

Why not be honest and just admit to being a new political party, rather than masquerading as if they were not. At least the main political parties have the decency to declare their colours and fully articulated policies.

Will the real independents please stand up?

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