Ashamed of MP’s gay marriage vote

Friday, February 15, 2013


LETTERS From Willemina Hagenauw, Bembridge:

POOR old Andrew Turner has dug an even deeper hole for himself by voting against the bill for same-sex marriages.

Fortunately, his vote was of no consequence but what it did do was give an entirely wrong impression of the IW population.

The Island consists of friendly, caring, broad-minded people who would not dream of being opposed to same-sex marriages, because why would they?

Isn’t it true that two people of the same sex can make the same commitment to each other as people of different genders?

Isn’t it true their love for each other is just as valuable and worthy of such a commitment?

Isn’t it true they are just as entitled to legalising that commitment in exactly the same way as non same-sex couples?

Who has ever said that marriage was only for a man and women?

Some say God…but don’t we believe that our God is a God of love and unity and not of separation and segregation?

Most people on the IW know this.

So how did we end up with Mr Turner, whose vote in the commons last week made me feel ashamed to live on the IW?

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