Closure is not the end of Church

Friday, January 17, 2014


LETTERS From Bob White, Kent:

ON the day after Holy Trinity Church, Ryde, ceases to be a place of worship, the same thing will happen to a Methodist church near where I live.

As with Trinity, the numbers at this church have dwindled. The big difference is the Methodist church will close with a celebration. The congregation believes, with good reason, God himself is calling time on their gatherings.

And because it is his church, they aren’t about to tell him he’s wrong.

The future of Holy Trinity as a building does concern me, not least because its spire is so prominent as you look from Ryde Pier.

But physical prominence is no substitute for spiritual relevance. And God knows what will happen to the building... literally.

Geographically, Holy Trinity Church is at the heart of Ryde — maybe it will become a much stronger focus for the community than it has been recently?

But the church, in all its different flavours and expressions, will be none the weaker for Holy Trinity’s closure as a place of worship.

Indeed, one might argue until there is just one church in Ryde, there are too many. 

Having said that, there is just one church in Ryde.

The buildings just happen to be where most of its members, in their groups, meet from time to time.

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