Danger road needs to be salted

Published on Friday, December 07, 2012 - 11:03


LETTERS From Jonathan Young, Niton:

IW Council Cabinet member Cllr Edward Giles (CP, 30-11-12) is proud of the council’s stocks of salt to combat winter road conditions.

The main road from Niton towards Newport, past Leechmore Cross and the Chequers Inn, has just been the scene of at least four serious ice-related accidents, which forced the police to close the road.

It had not been treated because it is not on the council’s approved list of routes, even though there are several well-known spots that are prone to ice forming from run-off from fields.

Now we are told, ludicrously, nothing can be done because a government order of three years ago to conserve salt supplies is still in force; that the council will close the road if police advise it is dangerous; and we should divert via Whitwell and Godshill, or Chale and Chillerton, if we don’t fancy skidding into a ditch

Clearly the police are only going to be called to the scene if an accident occurs.

Let us hope it does not involve the school bus taking kids to Carisbrooke and Christ the King colleges, which has to use this route at about 8.20am — the most dangerous time of day for icy roads.

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