How will police tsar benefit IW?

Published on Friday, October 12, 2012 - 11:06


LETTERS From Richard Gully, Wootton Bridge:

THE Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC). Who?

What does it mean to people on the IW?

What takes place on November 15 this year?

This elected PCC will oversee the policing requirements for 1.9 million people in Hampshire and the IW.

This one person will replace the 17 members of the current Police Authority, which included nine elected council members from across the two counties.

Over the years, there have been up to three members from the Island, currently we have one representing the Island, Cllr David Williams.

How can the PCC respond to the wide range of policing requirements across the urban and rural areas of the two counties?

Of more interest to us in the Island, with only seven per cent of the total population, how will our specific interests be represented?

Of equal concern, there will be candidates representing the three main political parties, UKIP, Justice and Anti-Corruption party and one independent candidate.

In the case of the first five, they will be influenced by the diktats of their party or represent a narrow view which will not necessarily address the concerns of the majority of the communities.

Some do bring experience from their time on the police authority.

Of course, they will have a large support staff, which will add to the overall cost of these changes. Will this prove democratic and transparent?

This enormous responsibility vested in one person after a likely poor-turnout election, raises many concerns as to the future direction of Hampshire police and the local interests of the Island population.

An election involving a single issue in November is unlikely to encourage a good response from voters.

One wonders how our MP views these concerns?

Overall this is a costly experiment that is unlikely to improve policing across the two counties.

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