‘Lives at risk’ on congested route

Published on Friday, December 30, 2016 - 11:00



From Cllr Chris Whitehouse, Totland Bay:

Thanks to the County Press for highlighting the absolute chaos at school run time in the area around Wellington Road, Newport.

It really is a nightmare at present and urgent action is needed.

What was particularly shocking about your report was the complacency of the anonymous council officer speaking on behalf of its leader, Cllr Jonathan Bacon.

Local residents simply cannot be expected to put up with this appalling situation for six months.

It is doubly galling this nightmare has been inflicted upon residents because Cllr Bacon personally visited Christ the King College many months before construction commenced and was warned by me, by the college principal and by its chair of governors, that losing 60 parking spaces during the work would create real difficulties on all the local roads.

Whatever council officers might say to try to fob off residents, the fact is that steps taken to address the problem are woefully inadequate and almost completely ineffective.

When will Cllr Bacon act?

Does a child or an elderly resident have to die in a vehicle collision before he’ll sit up and take notice?

This isn’t just a parking problem, it’s a road safety crisis. Lives are at risk.

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