Sickened voters stayed at home

Friday, June 12, 2009


LETTERSFrom Don Smith, Newport:

Your reporter Richard Wright wrote (CP online), "Tories surge to power in the Island polls".

The Tory party did not surge to power; it was only because many disillusioned voters stayed away from the polling stations.

Most of those who stayed away were sickened by the sleaze and corruption at Westminster; several IW Tory councillors lost their seats.

It is said, 'David Cameron is taking the moral high ground with MPs’ expenses’ and that is why the Tories have done so well.

Rubbish! It’s a pity Mr Cameron didn’t take the high moral ground against Mr Conway, the first cheat, who is still receiving his salary and will get a pension most of us would envy.

I expect the Daily Telegraph to leak further revelations about MPs’ expenses. This newspaper has achieved what it wanted to do and that is to try and bring down the Labour government and try to increase its circulation.

All cheating MPs will get their just rewards at the next general election; they will all be brought to book; this scandal will not go away until we have a chance to know just who and what we are voting for. Personally, I would like more say in who is selected to represent our island.

It has been reported that the police are to take no action against the offending politicians — I can understand why; we would have half the government in the dock and the police would lose out on their knighthoods.

With our democracy is in crisis, how can the Prime Minister send unelected people to the House of Lords; namely Peter Mandelson, Alan Sugar and recently resigned (how convenient) MEP Glenys Kinnock? They are now boarding a new gravy train.

We need constitutional changes fast, before we are ruled completely by Europe and migrants. Is it any wonder the BNP is becoming more popular? The only way to stop the BNP is for all the electorate to go out and vote for honest, democratic candidates.

I am backing the Tax Payers’ Alliance; let’s hope they can do the job of the police.


From Philip G. Bell, Redbourn, Herts:

No surge to Tories: As ex-Islanders we like to keep in touch with the Island affairs by reading your excellent online news.

However, we were a little puzzled at your election news article headed, "Tories surge back in Island polls".

While it is true the Conservatives have a comfortable majority, the Island was the only council where they actually lost seats (seven according to the BBC).

This is newsworthy in its own right as the Island has historically bucked trends on the mainland. I would have liked to see comment and analysis on this with reasons explored.

For example, does it have anything to do with the local MP being named in the Daily Telegraph in the expenses scandal or is it more to do with local issues? 

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