Taxi driver penalised for helping me out

By K. G. Perkins

Friday, September 5, 2014



From K. G. Perkins, East Cowes:

ON Thursday, August 27, I had an appointment at the hearing aid shop in the High Street, Newport.

As I have to rely on mobility aids to walk, I had a taxi to my appointment.

When I had completed my business the driver was asked by phone to collect me.

Owing to the difficulty in parking in the High Street the driver parked the taxi and crossed the road to collect me.

He, and the hearing aid shop owner helped me across the road to the taxi.

A traffic warden was standing alongside the taxi, pad in hand, whereupon she told the driver he had exceeded four minutes.

When told of the situation she replied: "That is not my problem" and presented him with a notice of a fine of £25.

She was not considering my need for assistance and penalised the taxi driver.

The taxi was not causing any obstruction, and in these circumstances surely she could have exercised some discretion.

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