Young get their chance in Parliament

Published on Friday, November 23, 2012 - 11:03


Young get their chance in Parliament

Jack Philipsborn.

LETTERS From Jack Philipsborn, Member of Youth Parliament, Bembridge:

ONE of my last acts of being the Island’s Member of Youth Parliament (MYP) is to debate in the House of Commons today (Friday).

Yes, in the actual chamber!

Those reading who may be more astute with British politics may be thinking this impossible, as only real MPs (over the age of 18) can sit in the chamber. But thanks to Gordon Brown, who fashioned the idea, once a year the Youth Parliament can sit and debate in the House of Commons.

Now, what will be debated? Well, there are five motions set in place: 'Getting ready for work’, 'A curriculum that prepares us for life’, 'Marriage for all’, 'Public transport’ (so elderly folk of the Island expect your free bus passes to be raised, as we youths are all very jealous!) and 'An equal national minimum wage’.

Let me assure you though, that these issues weren’t decided upon in some quango or offshoot government office but were the product of petitions cast by young people across the UK, through both the post and the internet.

I plan to focus my attention on public transport (I won’t mention the bus passes!) and an equal national minimum wage.

So, if you happen to have some free time around 11.05am or 1.35pm tune in to BBC Parliament to watch the debate.

I hope to be reporting back in the weeks following.

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