Firm appeals against wind farm rejection

By Emily Pearce

Monday, January 21, 2013


UPDATED 15:55*

THE company behind plans for a wind farm in the West Wight, rejected by the Isle of Wight Council last July, has appealed against the decision.

Dorset-based renewables company Infinergy announced today (Monday) it had lodged an appeal with the Planning Inspectorate against the refusal of the Vectis Wind Farm.

As previously reported, the council's planners rejected proposals for five 100-metre turbines on farmland near Wellow and Thorley due to the adverse visual impact it would have on the character of the landscape and surrounding Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

Infinergy managing director Esbjorn Wilmar said: "We have studied the proposed site in detail over the past number of years and have demonstrated it is one of the best locations for a wind farm on the Isle of Wight and one which deserves to be approved. Our site sits outside the AONB and other environmental designations.

"Although less vocal, there are a lot of Island residents who support the project and would be happy to see it go ahead.

"The Isle of Wight has set ambitious targets in their newly adopted Island Plan. It has a viable but unharnessed wind resource and the resolve to become an energy self-sufficient Ecoisland. Unfortunately the reality is far from this and if Ecoisland is to be realised, wind farms such as Vectis are urgently needed. But whether or not Vectis Wind Farm is to make a significant contribution to these goals is of course up to the planning inspector.

"We are confident an examination of the facts about this project, at public inquiry, will conclude it is a well-designed scheme that will help the island meet its renewable energy targets and should, on balance, be allowed to proceed."

*However, anti-turbine protest group ThWART said the council had made the right decision.

Deputy chairman Bob Denman said: "ThWART, backed by its 3,000 supporters, will continue its vigorous opposition to the giant wind turbines at Wellow and will be acting in full support of Isle of Wight Council in its defence against this planning appeal."

Following the appeal submission, the Planning Inspectorate will announce a date and venue for a public inquiry in due course.



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by Russell Palin

22nd January 2013, at 17:16:50

I suppose in an ideal world a wind farm would be a thing of functional beauty like the Cutty Sark or one of those beautiful Big Class yachts that race from Cowes. Unfortunately wind farms annoy the hell out of lots of people on looks, on things like flickering the light, Youtube clips of chopping birds of pray out of the sky and noise pollution, etc.

My first thought is, my God if the wind farm gets through on appeal I bet it has a profound effect on the Island.
Second thaught was. What effect will it have on the Island? I am not being sarcastic, just thinking how an appeal success would go down with people. What would it do for the Island and what would it un-do?
I presume thats how these things are decided from high offices. Effects, good, bad.

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by Lynn Joyce

22nd January 2013, at 16:09:24

I am sure there are a lot of people on the island who would support the Wind Farm, as long as they do not need to live by it or have to look at it. The Island would be spoiled by turbines, as we are surrounded by water and tides are more predictable than wind, we would be better supporting tidal power as our favored source renewable energy

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by Jean Saunders

22nd January 2013, at 16:02:35

I'm in favour of alternative energy and protecting our fragile environment but if only people would actually take time to consider how it will adversly affect the immediate and surrounding area such as current quiet country roads and lanes having swathes cut through to allow access for the estimated 3,650 vehicles movements proposed during the construction, the damage to the already fragile roads, to look out of your back garden, sitting room and bedroom having an imposed and unobtrusive view of the turbines, to be disturbed by the low level noise that will be detected, by the shadow flicker... do I really have to go on any further, but that's ok because many of those in favour don't even know where Wellow and Thorley are never mind the fact that our area of the Island is already playing their part in alternative energy having 2 photovoltaic arrays approx 2 miles from the proposed turbine site.

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by Yvonne Carter

22nd January 2013, at 14:14:42

There are plenty of young people that do not want wind turbines on the island - some even wrote letters of objections that were uploaded onto the applications.

The carbon produced in manufacturing turbines AND the concrete for the base is far greater that any wind turbine will displace in its lifetime.

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by rob smithbury

22nd January 2013, at 13:31:46

tidal power, attached to a bridge, with chocolate furniture and gum drop pavements. Wake up, smell reality. Wind power = excellent start at producing much less carbon for our electricity. The pro-wind lobby is quieter not because they are less in number but because they are the working, busy, young people with families, not the older, including retired, plenty of free time "i hate change" people. Signed a 28yr old busy engineer

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by Steve Wright

22nd January 2013, at 01:19:19

Wind power...a complete waste of time. As said before, tidal power is the way to go.........attached to a Bridge!!!

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by Yvonne Carter

21st January 2013, at 19:29:44


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by John Lovell

21st January 2013, at 18:03:29

You are right of course Neil. To quote the Government saying we will get a third of our energy from wind does not surprise me one bit.
As usual it is just wishful thinking on their part. They are living in cloud-cuckoo land.
Surely no one believes a word this Government says.

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by neil jacks

21st January 2013, at 17:44:41

The Govt initiative says that by 2020, one third of our energy will come from wind power. This is all well and good as long as the wind is blowing to spin these 200ft eyesores. If not then where do we get power from? The only available back up supply that can be easily turned on and off is gas power stations. So not only would these huge eyesores have to be built but also huge gas burning power stations. And where would we get the gas from? Russia? FRACKING?

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by Mike Crowe

21st January 2013, at 17:11:37

Richard. Will you please stop talking sense, it's not appreciated here. Tidal Power indeed. What next ?

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