GameOver Zeus virus warning

By a County Press reporter

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


A COMPUTER virus threat has led to a warning from Isle of Wight Council trading standards officers.

The GameOver Zeus virus, which has affected people across the country and abroad, is typically spread by cyber criminals, who create a website that installs the virus on any unprotected computer that visits it, a council spokesman said.

It can also be distributed by e-mails, designed to look as though they have come from a legitimate source, the council warned.

"With this current virus threat, our trading standards service is warning residents to take care if they receive an unsolicited phone call about any virus on their computer.

"Typically, the scammer will ring and ask for the householder, normally quoting their name, to make the call seem genuine. They will then claim they work for a computer company, most likely Microsoft, as they know this is the software most people use.

"The caller will then tell their intended victim that they have received a report from their internet service provider of serious virus problems on the computer," said the spokesman.

The scammer may then access and steal personal information from the victim’s computer or control it remotely for illegal or harmful purposes.

The council warned: "If you receive a phone call that you believe may be a scam, do not engage in conversation and hang up immediately. If you receive a similar notification by email or text message, do not open the link and delete it.

"If you feel pressured to act, disclose personal details or send money to a stranger, this will certainly be a scam. Contact our trading standards service on 821000 if you think you have been targeted by a scammer."


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by Amber Baker

5th June 2014, at 03:19:27

This reminds me of a very old thread on MSE ("having fun with Debitas" - once he sang The Lion Sleeps Tonight to them until they hung up.) I tell callers "mummy isn't home & I'm not allowed to talk to strangers" (I'm 32, regularly talk to strangers & left home at 19!) For chuggers / utility companies trying to get your sign-up - "I already donate to your charity/I'm a current customer", "Sorry I'd love to chat but I'm really late for an appointment" "Sorry, I just got married so now we're broke!" said with a smile & swift exit. Or just start speaking another language (made up if necessary) until they leave you alone! Sympathy on both sides to some extent, for some it's a job, not the easiest work if you're on zero hours and commission only (one very pleasant chugger told me he had been headbutted earlier that morning just for saying "Hello you" to another bloke!), but more so for those who get scammed, so I do look

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by James McAdder

3rd June 2014, at 21:28:07

It really is best to hang up on these people.

DP's idea won't do a thing to the scammers, either. They will usually be "number withheld" or "unavailable" and if not it will merely cost you 40p and a walk to the phone box without doing anything to the scammers.

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by John Stone

3rd June 2014, at 19:29:10

Have to agree with Grahame - took great delight in taking the wee-wee out of callers, the first one for over ten minutes with my wife rolling around in fits of laughter. The second one hung up after waiting on hold for 6 minutes.
That's cost them more than a local phone call!! :-)

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by Grahame salter

3rd June 2014, at 18:29:58

The Council warns to hang up if you suspect a scam....that takes all the fun out of it,I have had two calls saying my computer is infected,and have had so much fun winding the person up at the other end that they have both hung up on me,after I have wasted loads of their time lol.

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by sean gage

3rd June 2014, at 18:24:04

Be careful - there are several scams out there. The one described above has been around for a long time - the calls originating out of India. According to BBC the GameOver Zues is Russian based and a lot more sophisticated.

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by Don Prescott

3rd June 2014, at 17:34:19

Heres an extra bonus to your "just get then for you" sidetrack.

After an hour, dial 1471, or if you have it "last caller" function and get their number.

Then go to a public phone box, dial the number, put your money in and leave the receiver on the side.

Works a treat!

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by Jacqueline Chambers

3rd June 2014, at 17:03:04

If I get any calls, I just say 'just get them for you' and leave the phone on the soon goes dead! Plus, another one I use is I put on a childs voice, that usually gets rid of them.

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by John Martin

3rd June 2014, at 15:43:34

Two calls already, today. I'm afraid I used bad language!

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by Angela Reed

3rd June 2014, at 13:36:11

I had a phone call last week & told the caller I didn't have a computer. She argued the fact with me & I hung up.

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