Isle of Wight jobless figure down

By Martin Neville

Thursday, May 15, 2014


ISLE of Wight unemployment has fallen again.

The number of people claiming Job Seeker’s Allowance fell to 2,285 in April — or 2.8 per cent of the working age population — down 384 compared to March.

Compared with April 2013, the figure was down a massive 1,149.

Nationally, the number of jobless fell to 2.7 per cent and to 1.7 per cent in the South East.


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by Graham Harrison

16th May 2014, at 16:31:07

loving the compassion of those who lead a perfect life haha..wait till life turns around and bites you...Karma

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by David Shoulder

16th May 2014, at 10:17:49

Why do people claim someone without a job, long term bare no fault of their own. Whose fault is it then? The reality too often is there is a lack o relevant qualification, skills, committment or flexibility. All those years of free state education under valued or squandered. Too many people too think they are worth more than they are I am afraid. There is an economic reality that many fail to grasp.

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by Robert Drover

16th May 2014, at 09:48:11

Is there a breakdown of statistics that would show how many jobseekers have lost their entitlement to Nat. Insurance based JSA and now do not qualify for means tested JSA ?

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by Marie Cheverton

16th May 2014, at 09:43:16

People who have never been unemployed, are very much removed from what it is really like being excluded from society and the stress which unemployment causes. It is alright for the self righteous to sit in there in their ivory towers, spouting such condemnation on the jobless. Especially the 'old chestnut', of the many who are not bothered to find work. On the contrary if the real truth was known, there are countless people who are desperately trying to find work, in an already saturated Isle of Wight jobs market.

It sickens me to known there is a lost generation of young people out there, who are trapped in unemployment, which is of no fault of their own.

It would be interesting to know the total number of all applications received from the jobs advertised within the jobs section of the County Press, for a week.

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by Steve Smith

16th May 2014, at 07:20:00

GARRY, you must tell us where on the island you live that is 20 miles from a job centre!

But if you have been unemployed for 6 months to a year and can find no prospect of a job locally don't you think it's either time to move or commute to jobs?

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by GARRY Green

16th May 2014, at 01:07:44

Yes that's fine if you live in towns, but if you live in rural areas where there are no jobs and the nearest job centre is 20 miles away - it's not fun at all! Typical views from those who have never been unemployed and have no idea of the stress caused by this bunch of selfish, greed induced idiots! Nimby's the lot of them!

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by David Shoulder

15th May 2014, at 23:12:32

Govt policy to clamp down on the benefits system is having a massive impact on the shirkers. A life on benefits is now more problematic for them and consequently they are quite rightly being required to work.

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by GARRY Green

15th May 2014, at 21:36:36

I agree with the over 50's not being able to find a decent job! Seasonal figures along with people on zero hour contracts who are no longer actually unemployed but are not actually working every week of the year! Total bull and the usual Gov statistical cooking the books stuff!

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by Neil King

15th May 2014, at 13:26:58

Jobless figures down.... chav figures up?

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by sam smith

15th May 2014, at 13:20:36

Probably just the usual seasonal variation unfortunately. I wonder how many of these newly employed, whether seasonal or full time, are over 50 as we are overlooked and considered past our sell by date!

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