Online help for learner drivers

By a County Press reporter

Thursday, May 29, 2014


LEARNER drivers will be able to take advantage of a new online facility thanks to the Isle of Wight Library Service.

The new service, called 'Theory Test Pro', means people can practice Driving Standards Agency approved test questions and also learn the Highway Code.

It also features hazard perception videos and speech-enabled tests so you can listen to the questions.

To access the tool, people must log on to, register their details and have a valid library card which includes a number.

As well as the online driving theory tool, the library service website also includes audio books, online courses, dictionaries, encyclopaedias, language courses, newspapers and magazines. A valid library card provides free access to all these and more.

The Isle of Wight Council library service website is available at


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by Richard Valvona

31st May 2014, at 18:26:11

... number of companies where EACH one takes a good chunk of time to understance. Also, they are a waste of good money and would create extra clutter in my life. I have the attitude of taking good care of the things I own and accept that there's a very small risk that something could be damaged, stolen, etc.

The key to a good life is to only spend on what you need and anything in moderation which adds value to your life.

And another thing, if you cause an accident that results in severe injuries to another person, say, then whether you are insured or not, you can be prosecuted anyway so insurance isn't going to protect you from that.

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by Richard Valvona

31st May 2014, at 18:26:05

George. You're right, there are cyclists that don't move enough but when I'm out and about, there's always enough space for cars to pass me on the main roads and I do prefer to use the off-road paths where possible. Insurance though? Whether or not you pay for insurance I don't know, but I'm sure you do since it seems that you have a car and you don't think it's fair to you even though you made a choice to have a car.

In my opinion though, insurance is a total rip-off and only benefits insurance companies (way too many to choose from) who deliberately put many clauses in and make long contracts with what are often seemingly contradictory conditions which are very difficult to understand and you don't know exactly where you stand with them and they are very biased against you if you made a claim and very restrictive. I don't bother with insurance for anything as I don't want that type of stress in my life, firstly for having to compare different insurance policies from an infinite ..

by IWCP Online

30th May 2014, at 14:32:49

Hi. Thanks to everyone for their comments on this story, some interesting points raised. As with any story we carry related to the roads, it seems this has led to quite a broad debate, but please could I ask people to keep our house rules in mind and not to stray too far off the content of the story. Ross Findon (Web Editor).

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by Steve Smith

30th May 2014, at 13:21:16

What suggestion? If you are involved in a RTA you notify your insurance company and they sort it all out. That is why motorists have insurance whether somebody can afford to pay or not is neither here nor there.

Look back over the last 50 years on the Island, how many fatalities and serious injuries on our roads? Now, how many of them were caused by cyclists?

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by Steve Smith

30th May 2014, at 11:39:59

When did learner drivers become cyclists?
But answering the points raised not all cars pay to use the roads so why should cyclists? As for insurance, if you have an accident in your car, claim on your insurance exactly as you do now. If a cyclist is at fault your insurance company wil claim against them exactly the same as if it was another driver, so what is the problem? you will still get paid!

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by Richard Valvona

30th May 2014, at 10:50:51

Mike and George. Really silly ideas to tax and insure bikes. A car is much heavier, more dangerous than a bike and damages the road. A bike's weight is insufficient to cause the same degree of damage (if any). Also it's much healthier to cycle too as not only are you getting proper exercise, you are also not polluting the atmosphere.

A tax on bikes would be highly oppressive to those who are fit and healthy but can't afford or don't need a car. Also good exercise makes one feel better too and the last thing we need is more regulation which oppresses society and causes more unhappiness.

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by Mike Crowe

29th May 2014, at 18:22:53

Keith they pay no tax, no insurance, no MOT but still took over the road from Arreton to Newport last night :-(

As they are road users, (unless they are on the pavement), I think they should be taxed and insured and have to show a disc as other road users do, AND obey traffic signals. One was quite blatant yesterday going through Lake on his way to Shanklin. 'Red Light? I'm a cyclist'

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by Keith Goodchild

29th May 2014, at 17:11:41

There is a cycle path from Blackwater to Shide but every morning you have to try and drive around the cyclists using the main road...nothing against cyclists but if there is a path to use why not use it? It is no further to ride along and you avoid the cars.

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by T Rollingsworth

29th May 2014, at 11:06:31

I recommend all Isle of WIghters have a flick through the highway code, if only to learn how dual carriageway slip-roads and roundabouts work!!!

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