Protest against plans for 86 homes

By Martin Neville

Friday, July 18, 2014


OPPONENTS of plans to build 86 homes are to gather at the proposed site today (Friday), as Isle of Wight Councillors visit it.

Hundreds of objections have been lodged against outline proposals for 86 homes on a site off Place Road, which falls in the Gurnard parish boundary, will be considered by planning chiefs on Tuesday.

Despite the objections, officers have recommended the plans for approval.

To coincide with a committee site visit today, many were expected to gather near the field gates with protest banners.

A message posted by residents of Place Road and Tuttons Hill on the Gurnard Neighbourhood Plan website said: "We know many are amazed at this decision to attempt to build on this green area and 'green gap’ between Cowes and Gurnard.

"It has been described by many as a complete injustice by the planning department."

The plans, submitted by Island-based Penwood Developments, include a mix of one to four-bedroom houses and bungalows, as well as 30 affordable homes for local people.

Objections have centred the loss of the 'green buffer zone’ between Cowes and Gurnard and the sheer scale of the development which parish councillors argue flies in the face of the Gurnard Housing Needs Survey which identified the need for just 19 homes over the next five years.

However, the committee report said the project would help meet the housing needs of both Gurnard and Cowes, including projected future demand, while the layout and landscaping would preserve the 'green gap’.

Penwood managing director Mike Woodford said: "Our hope is that we can get on quickly with providing 86 new high quality homes to form a quality garden estate for the people of the Island."



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by roger mazillius

19th July 2014, at 15:46:33

Thanks Steve but as I posted earlier, I think the application will be refused. What would happen on an appeal however is a different matter!
Such a shame that after so much local consultation on this important subject and the clearest of conclusions about the need to protect these green wedges, all of that has been ignored by planning officers, some of whom may have advised on the correctness of the protection in the first place. As I posted earlier, bad decision. I fear for Northwood, Parkhurst and south Cowes.

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by Steve Laser

19th July 2014, at 12:46:39

I know we could count on your vote Roger if you were still here, not so sure about others!

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by roger mazillius

19th July 2014, at 10:35:34

I suggest these are homes to be built for housing associations who then rent them to those on the housing waiting list who qualify for new homes. The list is long and this is where the real housing shortage is.

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by Peter Jeffery

18th July 2014, at 21:36:02


I am not in the Property business but I'll have a go.

"Affordable homes for local people" ( sounds like Royston Vasey ! )
are mythical homes inserted into any planning application to smooth the process.
I think the developer has been advised that " I want to build 86 houses where they are not needed, for shed loads of profit " may not be the right approach.

Also, I remember the 1980's and '90's when we were all convinced to 'get on the ladder', only to be stuffed by our 'affordable homes' being very unaffordable with huge interest rate rises and negative equity !

But of course it's different now.
Record low interest rates are never going to rise.
Profit is no longer a Property Developer's God.
I am going to score Saints' Champion League winning goal.

But Banks and Building Societys are now being so generous with their money.... Except, where did they get the money ?

That'll be the bail out from us then !!!!!!!!

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by Sharon Butt

18th July 2014, at 20:05:17

Can someone explain what is meant by 'affordable homes' - will the rest be unaffordable? And what is to stop the affordable homes being bought as second homes? Presumably the developers won't be around to deal with the additional traffic, pressure on local schools, dentists, health centre, hospital and so on - seems a slap in the face for all those who have worked hard on the parish plan. When the plans for this development were first made public, there were approximately 250 homes for sale in the Cowes / Gurnard area, so where is the real need for such a large development?

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by Leigh Perry

18th July 2014, at 15:54:02

'the layout and landscaping would preserve the 'green gap’. Building on the countryside to preserve it? Sounds like classic double-speak to me - a bit like Fighting for Peace or S*@gging for Virginity!

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by Peter Daws

18th July 2014, at 14:54:53

Just for clarification, the need for 19 homes has been met by the recently approved application for a development in Worsley Road Gurnard so at present there isn't even a need for 19, ok perhaps some more in the years to come but 86? This would be a huge huge overdevelopment, it's not wanted, needed or in keeping.

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by Helen Bailey

18th July 2014, at 14:35:21

As GNP say: new development is needed but within reason and, as Sue Morrison says, with a mind to what the infrastructure can cope with. This situation goes on all over the country but on the Island we're dealing with finite space and finite resources. And as for the old argument about these sorts of developments creating jobs, well, maybe they do for the duration of the build (and not always for Islanders), but if this is about attracting people to the Island, where are the jobs for them? The school places? The dentists/doctors? The planning dept has to be very careful it doesn't kill its golden goose.

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by roger mazillius

18th July 2014, at 13:51:45

Peter, spot on!

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by Peter Truman

18th July 2014, at 12:50:57

Too many applications meet with objection purely on the grounds on Nimbyism; this isn't one of those. If this goes ahead there will effectively be no gap between Cowes and Gurnard as Roger Maz says.
However it is dressed up, this scheme is nothing more than an avaricious attempt by developers to cash in on the housing boom in this area, How does building a string of low quality housing between Cowes and Gurnard preserve 'the green gap'? What tosh.
Planners really should chuck this one out. I am frankly amazed officers have recommended approval when doing so makes a mockery of the planning policies they have worked so hard to establish.

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