Public meeting to discuss ferry fares and cuts

By Emily Pearce

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


A PUBLIC meeting to discuss Wightlink service cuts and the high cost of ferry fares will be held in January.

The meeting, organised by the Isle of Wight Trades Union Council (TUC), will be held at St George's Park, Newport, on January 3.

It will start at 7pm and all are welcome to attend.



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by Martin Heath

7th December 2012, at 13:57:31

if the ferry companies deigned to turn up, they'd just roll out the same old bull-dirt. Fuel prices, demand, investment, wages. Tra-la-la Tum-te-tum so on and so forth. We've all heard it a hundred times before.
The issue is that both companies are in the private sector and have to make a profit for the share holders. Who's going to buy shares in a non profit making company? So they have to make the yearly bottom line look succulent and enticing to speculators.
Unfortunately dear reader it's you and I that have to bear the brunt. But it needn't be. Vote with your feet. Is that trip to the mainland essential? Well usually the answer is yes. Especially if your job involves travel to the mainland. But how about some enterprising Mark raymentesque type starting up a charter company. That would be a move in the right direction, for foot passengers at least. Car and Freight? Just use whichever is cheapest, competition will force prices down eventually. They must get the message somehow!

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by Stephen Huntley

6th December 2012, at 18:34:01

The way we get charged extra per night away has sod all to do with Wightlink or Red Funnel for that matter. What better way to make people think twice about staying over night or taking a short break. And they call these rip of charges "Special offers"!

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by Jacqueline Chambers

6th December 2012, at 07:30:04

Nice one Mike. Seems everyone is of the same opinion regarding both ferry companies...bit like Southern Vectis, if you live in certain parts of the island.

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by John Lennon

6th December 2012, at 00:08:30

I doubt if Wightlink or Red Funnel will show up even if invited. They have shown total disregard for islanders feelings. Why should they change now? Nice idea IWTUC but I won't hold my breath waiting for improvements. (Cynical old git ain't I?)

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by Neil Rogers

5th December 2012, at 22:04:25

Suggestion : why not invite both service providers (Red Funnel vs Wightlink ) and put them in the same room, to see who answers our questions truthfully and who really wants to support the Islands future .. No need or reason for part time Pugh and his entourage to be there .. they had their chances and blew it .. to listen to the Islanders who are concerned Thanks to the IWTUC for taking the initiative to drill down and capture the feelings and frustrations of the Islanders and visitors who are genuinly concerned, by the pricing policy, practices and service policies of both companies.

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by Den Young

5th December 2012, at 21:41:00

wonder if Mr Pooo will be there,

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by Mike Crowe

5th December 2012, at 19:50:33

Jacqueline, there is the normal fare and then the 'Let's fleece them because they have no choice but to travel at that time'


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by Jacqueline Chambers

5th December 2012, at 18:42:01

Why do fares change throughout the day? The ferry is going the same route. I don't get it!!

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by Mike Crowe

5th December 2012, at 17:33:37

As I have said elsewhere, I think it is quite obvious that Wightlink are trying to drive business away and go out of business. Can anybody see why?

Can this question please be asked at the meeting as I regret I cannot be there.

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by Tim Brayford

5th December 2012, at 16:13:38

Get proactive, discuss a fixed link option as well

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