Safeguarding role for Isle of Wight assistant commissioner

By a County Press reporter

Thursday, June 26, 2014


Safeguarding role for Isle of Wight assistant commissioner

Hampshire and Isle of Wight Police and Crime Commissioner Laura Franklin. Picture by Peter Boam.

ASSISTANT police and crime commissioner for the Isle of Wight Laura Franklin has been appointed to take on regional responsibility to protect vulnerable people.

Ms Franklin’s new safeguarding role for Hampshire and the Isle of Wight was announced on Tuesday at the Crimestoppers Child Sexual Exploitation Conference at Sparsholt College on Tuesday.

The role will involve working closely with lead officers within the force, non-government organisations and other partners to tackle issues including missing people, child exploitation, trafficking, slavery and the on-going impact on victims.

She said: "In line with our commitment to protecting people and places, activity will be coordinated within a holistic framework and engaging with agency partners.

"I look forward to the challenges that will come with this role, as I have an academic interest in the areas of exploitation and human trafficking.

"I hope it will be possible to form an alliance between all the agencies involved in this very important area of work and I’m very keen to explore the role of parents and guardians as safeguarding partners."


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by David Kay

28th June 2014, at 11:14:53

DW - there are plenty more jobs that waste taxpayers money. If you were in the position of that role , I'm sure you would find a way to justify and defend it.

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by david wright

27th June 2014, at 09:41:25

David K, I dont understand your 'you dont care unlike the sheep on here comment? '

Why are we sheep because we agree that an unessary level of management whose role is totally superficial for approximately 7 million a year is a waste of tax payers money desperately needed to actually run the police force?

The PCC's first press release was we need more money! It is nothing more than a PR job and at significant cost in austere times and is very difficult to defend with rational argument.

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by David Kay

26th June 2014, at 22:41:09

sorry a regular police officer that is just started training.

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by David Kay

26th June 2014, at 22:38:45

PCSO's do a great job and they are not cheap labour - their pay is more or less the same as a regular police officer.

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by D Gorman

26th June 2014, at 22:30:07

DK ... Your right no amount of complaining is going to change the fact that the PCC and his assistants have been dropped on us via an election with one of the lowest turnouts ever in the history of the country, but, you've answered your own question, get rid of the PCC and all his assistants, lackys and hangers on and use the savings to pay for real Police doing the job properly.

Try asking the PCC's office how much they are actually costing the taxpayer, I'm willing to bet that even with a FOI request they wont give you a straight answer. In the meantime they carry on closing Police stations and propping the force up with cheap labour (sorry PCSO's)

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by David Kay

26th June 2014, at 22:10:23

Give the lady a break! No amount of sniping, moaning or has she done this or that is going to change the fact she has been given the role.

I know that this may not make me popular, but I don't care - unlike many of you here I am not a sheep following others.

More frontline officers would be wonderful, police officers walking the beat great too... are you willing to pay for all these bodies with a hike in your council tax? Some of you so need to get real.

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by Den Young

26th June 2014, at 19:24:12

has anybody seen the ladys CV? GH has nailed it really.

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by George Hollett

26th June 2014, at 17:40:22

Well, I think the comments below just about sum up the general consensus of opinion & I'm not going to disagree either. Could I ask whether Ms Franklin is a parent herself, particularly if she is going to be looking into their roll? Nothing like a bit of first hand experience when you are going to be dealing with an issue. I also picked up on the point she made about 'having an academic interest in the areas of exploitation & human trafficking'. Does this perhaps mean she has learnt the basics on some course but doesn't have any actual experience relating to subject?

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by Pop Camplin

26th June 2014, at 15:47:47

She has an 'academic interest' in the job, probablly wants a 2.2 at university, 'very keen to explore the role of parents and guardians as safeguarding partners.' ermmm ..... does she not know what a parent/guardians job already is ?? Money for old rope, jobs for the boys/girls, apron flappers choice, not needed, get the wooden tops back on the street where they can do their job, most crime on the Island happens by foot criminals,so, get some more foot P.C.s.......job done.

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by tony white

26th June 2014, at 14:14:09

Yet another load of verbal garbage, the money that is being wasted on these egotistical clowns could be far better used to employ more beat officers to try and prevent crime and our roads properly policed to try and reduce the seemingly ever increasing death and injuries caused by irresponsible and incompetent drivers especially the lunatic minority of bikers

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