Snow: Isle of Wight service updates and travel news

Monday, January 21, 2013 - 9:21

HEAVY snow caused widespread disruption on Friday and the effects could continue over the weekend.
We will be updating this page with latest information about the effect on travel and services.
Updates will be timed and the latest information will appear at the top.
Information about school closures can be found here.
Information about health services can be found here.

All council libraries are open as normal today.

All school buses are running as normal this morning, according to the Isle of Wight Council.

Council leisure centres are open today.

All schools are expected to be open as normal, according to the Isle of Wight Council.

Waste collections also due to be carried out as normal.

The Down Road at Ventnor from Littleton Close to St Boniface Down was closed  earlier today at the request of police because of the icy conditions.

Carisbrooke Castle and Yarmouth Castle are open today.

Gritters will be treating roads around the Island today (Sunday) in anticipation of further snow, according to the Isle of Wight Council.

The grounds of Osborne House are open, but English Heritage has advised visitors to take care, due to ice.

Southern Vectis' Route 8 bus will not serve Caws Avenue in Seaview due to the weather conditions. It will operate via Seaview Lane instead.

Isle of Wight Council gritters will be out treating the roads from 6pm this evening. It said very low temperatures were forecast and advised drivers to take extra care, even on treated roads.

The Isle of Wight Council has said Carisbrooke College's Powerbase Gym will remain closed today due to the conditions of the site.
Parking enforcement is back to normal today, however officers will be mindful of the conditions of the ground.
All council-run leisure centres open as normal today.

All council run libraries are open today but will be closing at 3.30pm.

Carisbrooke Castle will be closed today (Saturday) due to the snow and icy conditions.

The Osborne House grounds will be closed today (Saturday) due to yesterday's snow and icy conditions overnight.

All civic amenity sites (Forest Road, Afton and Lynbottom) are open as normal today, according to the Isle of Wight Council.

Southern Vectis update.
ROUTE 8: will now serve Seaview but will not serve Caws Avenue.

ROUTE 32: (Community Bus) will NOT operate today

Southern Vectis service update:

ROUTE 1: Operating both routes normally

ROUTE 2: Operating normal route

ROUTE 3: Operating normal route

ROUTE 4: Operating normal route

ROUTE 5: Operating normal route

ROUTE 6: Should operate normally will confirm after first bus

ROUTE 7: Operating normally on all routes

ROUTE 8: Operating normally except not serving Seaview - will update once more information available

ROUTE 9: Operating normally on both routes

ROUTE 12: First bus will operate and will update with more information

ROUTE 25: Will update with more information after first bus

ROUTE 37: Operating normal route

ROUTE 38: Operating normal route

Latest update from Southern Vectis.
ROUTE 1: Operating normal route.

ROUTE 3: Operating normal route.

ROUTE 4: Operating normal route.

ROUTE 5: Operating normal route except in East Cowes where it will operate via York Avenue and not Victoria Grove or Adelaide Grove.

ROUTE 7: Operating normal route via Cranmore only (not Wellow or Thorley) to Yarmouth and then to Totland and Freshwater via the Avenue (not Heathfield Road) to the Co-Op at Hooke Hill, turning and returning by the same route.

ROUTE 8: Operating but not serving Pan or Staplers, leaving and returning via Blackwater, also not serving Winford or Seaview.

ROUTE 9: Operating via Fairlee Road only.

Nightbuses and latebuses on routes 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9.

Southern Vectis is planning to run services tonight as normal but will be monitoring the situation on an hour by hour basis. 

Island Line services now running as normal.

Island Line General Manager Andy Naylor said: "We're pleased to be able to return services to normal for our customers. 

"It has been a challenging day but our team have worked hard to get services running again. We would like to thank passengers for their understanding during these difficult weather conditions." 

Latest updates from Southern Vectis.

Route 5 is operating but going via York Avenue in East Cowes not via Victoria Grove or Adelaide Grove.

Route 6 is operating but not serving Bannock Road, Whitwell, Blackgang Chine, Whitepit Lane or Cypress Road, Newport.

Route 7 is operating via Cranmore (not Welllow) to Yarmouth then Totland and Freshwater via The Avenue to the Co-op & back again.

Route 8 is operating but not via Pan (out via Blackwater), not Staplers or Winford.

Route 9 is operating but only via Fairlee Road.

Only routes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 are operating today.

A decision on night services is to be taken later.

Island Line train services have resumed between Ryde St John's Road Station and Ryde Pier Head Station. 
Services were suspended earlier this morning following heavy snowfall.

However, Island Line has reinstated trains between Ryde St John's Road and Ryde Pier Head and is running two trains per hour, as per the normal timetable, which also allow passengers to link with ferry sailings. 

Trains are not currently able to operate beyond Ryde St John's Road as snowy conditions continue to cause problems. Engineers are working to restore services in full as quickly as possible. 
The Royal British Legion County Conference, due to be held tomorrow (Saturday) at the Methodist Church Hall, Garfield Road, Ryde, has been deferred until February 16 due to the adverse weather. Time to be confirmed.

Forest Road Civic Amenity Site closed tomorrow due to snow. Afton may open, decision to be taken tomorrow. Lynnbottom open as normal.

All Island League football matches have been called off for tomorrow.

IW Sunday League matches also called off. 

The Saturday Morning Music Centre that normally takes place Saturdays, 9am-1pm, at Medina College has been cancelled tomorrow.

Latest leisure centre updates from the Isle of Wight Council

Westridge Leisure Centre: Closing at 5pm. Evening squash leagues cancelled.

Medina Leisure Centre: Closing 5pm. Friday swimming lessons cancelled, Seaclose swimming club awards night cancelled, Park Run cancelled for Saturday.

The Heights: Closing 6.30pm. Lane swimming session will go ahead. Friday swimming lessons cancelled, evening fitness classes cancelled.

The Isle of Wight Council plan to open all facilities over the weekend but a decision will be taken daily.

Fairway Sports Centre and Ryde Sports Centre are closed today (Friday).

Rew Valley Sports Centre is also closed tonight.

Carisbrooke College's sports facility and Powerbase gym will be closed tonight.

Latest updates for Southern Vectis bus routes. Services are subject to delays.
ROUTE 1: Running on normal route. 

ROUTE 2: Running normal route except not serving Merstone or Tesco.

ROUTE 3: Running normal route except going via Trinity Road into Ventnor and not serving Tesco.

ROUTE 4: Running normal route.

ROUTE 5: Running normal route except in East Cowes going via York Avenue instead of Victoria Grove and Adelaide Grove.

ROUTE 6: Running normal route except not serving Blackgang Chine, Bannock Road, Whitwell, Whitepit Lane or Cypress Road, Newport.

ROUTE 7: Operating via Cranmore only (not serving Wellow) to Yarmouth then Totland and Freshwater, turning at the Co-op and returning by the same route.

ROUTE 8: Operating normal route except not going via Pan and Staplers and not operating into Seaview.

ROUTE 9: Operating via Fairlee Road only at the present time.

ROUTE 25: We are testing this route at the present time.

No other routes are running.

Volunteers from Pan Together are serving soup at the Isobel Centre and also delivering it to vulnerable people in the community, according to Isle of Wight Council.

Longlands Shute is expected to reopen by 1.15pm according to the Isle of Wight Council.

West Wight Sports Centre Swimming pools are open for public swimming 1 -5pm. Rest of the centre is open now and will close at 5pm. All council-run sportscentres also open, but people are advised to check in advance ifattending classes. Ryde sports centre will be closed this evening.

Southern Vectis route 1 buses from Newport to Cowes are now running on their normal route via Hunnyhill.

The Isle of Wight Council has advised that Longlands Shute, Bembridge, has been treated but it will take a couple of hours before it is passable as vehicles need to be towed away.

Updates to Southern Vectis bus services:
ROUTE 1: Operating with delays and now going as far as the co-op in Carvel Lane.

ROUTE 2: Operating with delays and now going via Green Lane but not via Merstone or Tesco.

ROUTE 3: Operating with delays via Trinity Road in Ventnor not via Spring Hill and not via Tesco.

ROUTE 4: Operating with delays.

ROUTE 5: Operating with delays via York Avenue and not via Victoria Grove or Adelaide Grove.

ROUTE 6: operating with delays but not serving Blackgang Chine, Whitepit Lane or Cypress Road.

ROUTE 7: Now operating with delays via Cranmore to Yarmouth then onto Totland and Freshwater turning at the Co-op and back again.

ROUTE 8: Operating with delays to Sandown only. Shuttle bus from Ryde bus station to Bembridge operating.

ROUTE 9: Operating with delays but via Fairlee only at the moment.

No other routes are operating at the present time.

Red Funnel has advised of changes to its Red Jet service. The company said there would be a reduced service for remainder of today due to adverse weather causing operational difficulties. Will run XX15 from Cowes XX45 Southampton.

Updates to Southern Vectis bus service:
ROUTE 4: Operating but subject to delays.

ROUTE 5: Operating via York Avenue but subject to delays.

ROUTE 7: Half -hourly shuttle service from Newport to Yarmouth bus station. Southern Vectis may test the route beyond Yarmouth but there are issues around turning the vehicle to return avoiding Pixley Hill.

ROUTE 8: Vehicles stuck in Sandown Road, Bembridge but route 8 operating as far as Sandown and also operating a shuttle bus from Ryde to Bembridge.

ROUTE 9: Operating via Fairlee only, subject to delays particularly around Binstead.

ROUTE 25: Not operating

The FYT Bus, which covers Freshwater, Yarmouth and Totland is not running.
The Isle of Wight Council has closed all its youth centres.
Blackberry Lane Pre-School, Little Love Lane and West Wight Nursery all closed.
There will be no disabled swim session at West Wight Sports Centre tonight.

Council run libraries will close at 3.30pm today. Bembridge Community Library is open, according to Isle of Wight Council.
A jumble sale at Newtown Hall tomorrow, in aid of St Mary's Church, has been cancelled.

Southern Vectis has suspended Route 8 until further notice due to the issue at Sandown Road, Bembridge where three of vehicles were stuck.
Route 3 is no longer operating to Bonchurch, Ventnor & Wroxall due to road conditions and will run via the 2 route to Shanklin.

Hovertravel is operating a revised service. Latest details available on its hotline (01983) 717717.

Isle of Wight NHS services have been affected by the snow. Details available here.

Traffic in East Cowes moving more freely. Report of dangerous driving conditions at Merstone corner of A3056 Sandown to Newport Road
Bus network significantly disrupted, details below:
ROUTE 1: Operating in both direction but not going via Carvel Lane or the Red Jet Terminal. It is also leaving and returning to Newport via Medina Way and is not serving Hunnyhill.
ROUTE 2: Operating but not via Merstone, Green Lane in Shanklin or Tesco.
ROUTE 3: Operating but going via Trinity Road in Ventnor in both directions, not via Spring Hill.
ROUTE 4: Operating but there are issues with two lorries stuck around the Red Funnel terminal which may cause delays.
ROUTE 5: Operating via York Avenue but the issues affecting route 4 are also affecting route 5.
ROUTE 6: Operating but not via Bannock Road, Whitwell or Whitepit Lane and Cypruss Road in Newport
ROUTE 7: Infrequent service from Newport as far as Yarmouth and no further due to lorry blocking Halletts Shute
ROUTE 8: Operating but not going via Pan, Staplers, Seaview or Winford - going in and out of Newport via Blackwater.
ROUTE 9: Only operating via Fairlee not Staplers
ROUTE 12: Not operating until further notice
ROUTE 22, 23, 24, 32, 33, 34, 35, 37, 38, 39 and Dialabus not operating today.
ROUTE 25: Awaiting route assessment, but will not serve Folly Lane.

All Island Line train services suspended until further notice.
Andy Naylor, general manager, said: "We would like to apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. Despite our efforts to run a service, it has not been possible and the line has suspended."

HTP Skills Centre has been closed to learners, but not staff
Tomorrow's (Saturday) action at Hose Rhodes Dickson, Brading has been postponed until next Saturday. Viewing will be on Friday, January 25.
Ventnor and Sandown Bay Children's Centres have been closed.
A gritter has been sent to Binstead Hill and Victoria Road, Cowes is to be manually gritted shortly.

A jacknifed lorry blocking Halletts Shute in Yarmouth has been cleared, with help from a gritting lorry, according to Isle of Wight Council.

Due to the adverse weather conditions Wightlink has said the Portsmouth-Fishbourne car ferry service will be operating an hourly service from 09:00 from Portsmouth Gunwharf and from 10:00 from Fishbourne.
Portsmouth Harbour-Ryde Pier catamaran route is running to timetable, but passengers are advised to take extra care when using Ryde Pier.
Lymington-Yarmouth car ferry service is running as normal.

Traffic problems reported in East Cowes as vehicles leave the ferry terminal and hit slow-moving traffic in the town.

Isle of Wight Council said all council-run libraries were expected to open as normal.
Ryde and East Cowes Children Centres are open, but West Newport, West Wight and Cowes Children Centres are closed.


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