Support for smokers who want to quit

By a County Press reporter

Monday, September 23, 2013


SMOKERS on the Isle of Wight will be encouraged to give up next month, as part of Stoptober.

The Stoptober scheme is run by the Department of Health and is a 28 day challenge that encourages people to quit smoking for 28 days during October.

Research has shown that if someone can stop smoking for 28 days, they are five times more likely to quit for good.

During October, the Isle of Wight Chamber of Commerce supported Chamber Health Stop Smoking Service will be will be in Newport, Ryde and Lake every week.

It will be in Ryde’s Co-op car park every Monday between 10.30am and 2pm, Lake Morrison’s car park each Tuesday between 10.30am and 1pm and Newport St James’ Square every Wednesday between 10.30am and 2pm.

Chamber Health also runs a drop in session at their office in Mill Court, Furlongs, Newport, every Thursday morning. Anyone who works during the day can make an appointment to be seen at work by calling 01983 554545 to book a one-to-one appointment.


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by David Blackford

25th September 2013, at 06:55:12

I won't say more - but death from smoking is not a nice way to go.
Best to give up - rather than find out

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by roger mazillius

24th September 2013, at 20:13:01

Good old dad!

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by Mike Crowe

24th September 2013, at 11:29:11

It was money and my father which stopped me smoking before I ever began. He was a 40 a day man and before he died at the age of 52 he said, 'You please yourself it you want to smoke, but if you do, don't ever come to me to borrow money'. I chose not to smoke and did go to him to borrow the money for the deposit for my first mode of transport to get to work, a Lambretta, the first of 3 :-)

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by David Blackford

24th September 2013, at 07:07:05

My wife and I both stopped smoking (cold turkey) 45 years ago. It's rough for about 3 weeks - but then you can enjoy being holier than thou to the addicts that say they "enjoy it"

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by Mike Crowe

23rd September 2013, at 22:01:02


I had just come off a World Cruise and was talking to the Receptionist of the hotel I was in and she said that she would love to go on a World Cruise.

I asked her if she smoked. 'Yes'

We calculated that from the age she was then, to my age, without any price rises in that period, by the time she did reach my age, she would have 'smoked TWO World Cruises'


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by roger mazillius

23rd September 2013, at 21:36:08

There are so many cancer-inducing and other dangerous chemicals in cigarette tobacco they should be banned until these chemicals are removed. If for example, your furniture was not fireproofed, you would be prosecuted and heavily fined. So it is a mad anomaly that these tobacco products are allowed to be sold.
And please don't tell me it is a question of freedom of choice. so would be buying non-flame proofed furniture, lead paint etc but they are all banned on the grounds of public health. A ridiculous anomaly.
I persuaded my southern area counterparts to write to the Minister for Health late last year in conjunction with our Public Health Dept. to ask for this anomaly to be addressed. As I am no longer involved, I wonder what is happening about this?

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by Chris Firth

23rd September 2013, at 19:06:20

smoking causes cancer, a major killer, yet we still manage to sell it legally, reap the tax pounds and then spend fortunes curing the self inflicted diseases. Don`t tax tobacco, and let smokers pay for their own medical treament?

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by Mike Crowe

23rd September 2013, at 17:02:04

""If smoking is bad for you, how come it cures salmon? ""

and bacon.

and that is the nearest get to smoking

Question to the smokers. How much money have you burnt?

Offer to those thinking of smoking. Don't start and give me that money instead.

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by Mike Crowe

23rd September 2013, at 16:54:26

Smokers smoke of their own choice. If they choose to smoke, they are the ones to choose to stop......... and if they choose to stop.......... then stop.

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23rd September 2013, at 16:25:33

Disgusted at the growing trend of people in cafes sucking and puffing on those filthy electric should be 100% BANNED.

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