UKIP's sights set on general election

By Ross Findon

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


UKIP's sights set on general election

Isle of Wight UKIP candidate Iain McKie (left), with NIgel Jones and MEP Diane James.

UKIP’s general election candidate for the Isle of Wight said last weekend’s European election results showed voters put no trust in the empty promises of the old parties.

As reported, there was a huge swing in the voting for the party compared with 2009. UKIP attracted more than 40 per cent of the vote on the Island, beating the Conservatives, with 26 per cent, into second.

In a statement issued today (Wednesday) prospective parliamentary candidate Iain McKie said: "I expect that we will hear from the old parties that they intend to listen to the voice of Euroscepticism, and act upon it, and plenty will try and emphasise their so-called Eurosceptic credentials.

"But it is too late. It is clear that the voters now have no trust in their empty promises. Having said that, I will not put up my feet and relax, I will continue to campaign, and campaign hard for the next 11 months to become the Island’s next Member of Parliament."

It was also a good year for Labour, according to its general election hopeful, Stewart Blackmore.

He said: "This was a very good result for the IW Labour Party. We increased our vote by 30 per cent and the Lib Dems are in meltdown.

"I believe that Labour has a real chance to get an historic result on the Island on May 7, 2015. We must convince those, especially the Libdems who voted in 2010, to vote Labour next time.

"UKIP benefitted from a huge apathy vote, with people fed up with politics letting the big two know how cheesed off they are. I am of course disappointed that 12 per cent of the Isle of Wight electorate have voted for UKIP, a party with no policies and whose MEPs will not try to get things done in the European Parliament for Isle of Wight organisations and people."

He said however that past results showed European election results did not translate to the general election and estimated that UKIP would only retain 25 per cent of its vote, most coming from right wing Conservatives.

"Lord Ashcroft’s poll at the weekend illustrated this quite clearly. Only 7 per cent of UKIP votes come from left-of-centre parties, the rest coming from the Tories, BNP and the rest," he said.



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by john hanson

30th May 2014, at 15:37:50


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by Ben Ridley

29th May 2014, at 19:49:38

I really feel that UKIPs answer to immigration / euro issues is the best of all the other parties, and I also feel that by dealing with this issue in a tough way as UKIP seem to be promising they will, it will help resolve a lot of the domestic problems effecting this country i.e over crowding and lack of funds for our hospitals and schools plus the social services issues. On saying that i won't be voting for UKIP as their other domestic polices just don't add up for me. What I'm hoping for is that the other parties take heed of what is obviously important in most peoples minds when they decide who to vote for, because if they don't I can see UKIP going a long way.

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by John Kneeshaw

29th May 2014, at 19:22:12

Well said Mr Bloomfield. Vile and disgusting are milder adjectives than I would use. And for the benefit of those who may have forgotten, an EU referendum was held in 1975, at the behest of the Labour government.

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by steve cummings

29th May 2014, at 19:09:24

In your dreams Stephen Bloomfield. We are here to stay! And you are free to call us any names you like And what do you mean by ANOTHER referendum? Did I miss the first one?

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by Stephen Bloomfield

29th May 2014, at 18:55:37

UKIP only won in Europe because most people that voted for them were too lazy to even find out what this disgusting bunch of liars actually stand for. How many voters know that they want to remove many basic employees’ rights? Including the rights paid holiday entitlement and maternity rights and also to privatise the NHS services even further than the Tories would ever dare. They have used vile scare tactics that include the threat of all 500 million Europeans wanting to come and live here in the UK. As if the whole of the European population want to come to these shores what hogwash is that? They are the laziest MEPs in Europe that are happy to claim as much expenses as possible for very little work. Yes let’s have a HONEST and open debate about Europe and have another referendum. Even their founder has castigated them in the past few days and party members have quit over racism issues. This was nothing more than a protest vote and stands virtually no chance of seats next year.

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by roger mazillius

29th May 2014, at 17:22:15

Nice one Leigh!

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by Leigh Perry

29th May 2014, at 16:57:50

I thought we already had an UKIP MP?

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by john hanson

29th May 2014, at 16:23:12

And the EU today want us to put another 500 million in the pot and cameron will do it i bet

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by Stewart Blackmore

29th May 2014, at 15:39:18

Mr Prescott, I am happy that the editor has removed your libellous post.
Meanwhile I wish you well in your little ukip bubble. No need to reply - I won't be looking at this thread again.

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by terry gibbins

29th May 2014, at 11:00:38

congratulations, to UKIP, you say what people think, you say what
other parties are afraid to say,
good luck to you,
even all the incredible mud slinging from the great british media did not
effect voters.
so yes i thing the big three parties need to worry.

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